Exam Hiatus: I’m Not Having the Time of My Life.

K so I thought that somehow I would magically be able to balance school and blogging. I can’t. I haven’t blogged since the 3rd and definitely won’t be able to start until Friday. BUT FRIDAY! Friday will be so glorious. I will post the rest of the Indian food for you and also hopefully be back to eating regularly (at all). So I’m sorry. I’m not dead. I haven’t forgotten about you. I’m just getting beaten up by wily old sociologists in the basements of UBCs libraries. I leave you now with some ways to occupy yourselves

~~I ❤ Aardman studios


~~Fun weird arty games!

~~Me during my exams

Also Happy Birthday Dad! I know you’re reading this. You’re 50. Thas awesome. I hope YOU’RE having the time of your life


2 thoughts on “Exam Hiatus: I’m Not Having the Time of My Life.

  1. Wow, WAY to steal the puppy showdown link I showed you WITHOUT CITING! How did you get through your papers with this kind of academic cheatery!?!

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